Welcome to FreddyThunder.com

Here I am at website version 7.0 or so... I went more simple this time, see if I can spend more time on the clutter content that I want to present. I have spent a lot of time on my websites in the past working on trying to get my site to do spectacular things! And then I get busy, all the browsers change, we update to HTML5 and then next thing you know, kaput. As a website designer, I know the importance of making sure your site gets maintained and kept up to date. Do you have a website? Do you need any help with it? Click the contact link on the top and let me know - maybe I can help you!

What kind of wonderful stuff will I find here?

Funny you should ask! I consider myself a non-conformist idiot savant. I have dabbled with all sorts of things and have grown pretty proficient with a few particular skills. Here is a nice unorganized list of some of the wonderful nuggets of joy to find here:

  • Computer Programming
    I currently work as a PHP programming in an IBM shop here in Phoenix. I have programmed computers in just a ton of languages and operating systems. On this site I have some examples of work I've done or things to share, but the majority of tutorials will be on my blog.
  • Videos & Movies
    One of my hobbies is making stupid movies. I have a lot of sketch comedy in my head and try to act it out whilst trying different and exciting camera, editing and 3d animation techniques along the way. I want to make a full-length movie one of these days for film festivals.
  • Blog
    My blog, also known as the Thunderblog!! By me mostly.. I have numerous different categories and stories where I share funny and interesting things. It used to be a WordPress blog, but I woke up one day and it crashed. Furthering my distaste for 3rd party software packages, I created my very own blog from scratch. Works pretty good so far fingers crossed.
  • Music
    I used to play a couple hundred covers out at local bars and event, but now that I'm older, I find that music equipment gets heavier through the years. I still do some music at home with writing stings and short instrumentals and playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and singing through a loop station.
  • Robots
    I am in the process of making a robot named Sbot. I've been too excited to slowly document my progress but have been taking a lot of notes and pictures along the way so that will be on the blog soon.
  • Book
    I wrote a book a while ago about working in the restaurant industry. I don't do anything actively with it any longer, but it is fun to see the used copies here and there.
  • Images
    I am also experimenting with different techniques with photography. I definitely do more video stuff than stills, but have a few great shots that I put together in a gallery
  • 3D
    I also experiment with Blender 3D. I don't have too much time to get really as involved as I could with Blender, especially since I need a 3 button mouse and don't have one on my trackpad.
Be Advised!

This site is under contruction and is only this page for now. I am looking for some part time work, so if I have applied with your organization, please bear with my site not being completed, it is a work in progress. Thanks!