As Always...Hello and Goodbye!! If you're still reading, this is the personal website for Freddy Giordano. I've supplied quite a bit of entertainment for you here, or at least I think I have. I'm quite amused by many things, as some of you know, so there may be some obscure findings here; but you put a guy that could spend a half an hour playing with a pen and a rubber band and some programming knowledge and watch out!

Update: I just learned I can fancy-butt my name like this ΓɍèɖɗϞ


I have been playing music under the name Freddythunder for just about a decade. I'll tell you the whole story on my musical background page in great detail. But out here on the home page, I'll just tell you that I play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and sing. I've wanted to pick up some sort of wind instrument, hopefully sax, a violin or something strung with a bow, and will be soon ordering electronic drums to use for better recording with "Loopy".

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I go way out of my way to make videos. My wife always tells me, "You always have to make a BIG PRODUCTION out of everything, don't you!?"... You know, I just got that. I don't think she was talking about my videos. [just kidding; she loves my videos!]

Anyway, When I was in high school I had big big plans of getting this giant VHS Panasonic camcorder that was the size of a suitcase and a "graphics generator" to put floating Atari 2600-esque letters and graphics on top of the videos. Big plans to make all sorts of commercials and videos - especial a skateboarding video. That didn't happen.

As technology advanced, I got a cheap video camera that writes to an SD card and fits in my pocket (Samsung C10) and is the 2nd greatest camera I own... Next to the Canon Vixia HD camera I got a few months ago, which is greater!

Long story short, now I enter video contests, make dumb videos, and create all kinds of music videos. One of the funnest things that I've been filming is using my Boss RX-20 loop station and a plethera of equipment to loop together an entire song. I'm tossing around the idea to start a band with myself called "I Am One". Whadduyathink?

More videos can be seen on my videos page!


I am currently employed as a computer programmer. More on that later.